A common question we are asked is why choose an extension? The answer is that with the current economic situation moving property is increasingly difficult, expensive and an unviable way to create more living space. The unnecessary disruption of relocating, high estate agents fees, legal costs, stamp duty and removal expenses can all be avoided. So creating more extra space and additional facilities by commissioning an extension to a house is often the most attractive alternative to the worry and expense of moving home.

Insolum Projects aim to give you a accurate quote early on the process so that problems are avoided later on, making the whole experience a pleasant one for our clients.

If you want an extra space in your house, then an extension is one of the best ways to achieve this and in the process extend and expand your home to create a larger living space as well as adding value to the property. Once you have made the decision to have an extension built, we can help you through every stage of your process.

  • Stage 1- Consultation.
  • Our highly trained team will be involved from the consultation onwards to advise you and your options e.g. single storey or double storey extension, side return extension or conservatory extension. The type of extension depends on your house, local planning rules, your desires and budget.

  • Stage 2- Design.
  • Then we will follow second step, we will choose a design you want (we can even create your extension from glass). Our team will undertake all the necessary measurements and detections (e.g wires), and our architect will prepare the detailed drawings and structural calculations necessary for your extension. When will give you detailed quotation for your extension. Once you are happy with the plans, full working plans will be originated incorporating a structural layout.

  • Stage 3- Build.
  • Our staff team and project manager will be responsible for the whole build of your extension, from the start of the extension build right through to the finish. This will ensure that you will have a consistent point of contact at all times to whom you can direct any questions to. We understand that building an extension is personal to you and we will work together and involve you at every part of the process. So you will always can ask us questions and we will work together with you during the process. The Building Control Inspector will also be attending the site periodically throughout the build. They will ensure that all aspects of the work are being carried out in accordance with current Building Control Regulations.

  • Stage 4- Enjoy!
  • Your house extension will be unique, because it will be built just for you so enjoy it and the reactions it creates in others!

For some examples of extensions we have done (large or small) please see our gallery below.