With every project Insolum Projects always seeks to exceed our client's expectations. We provide high quality services together with organisational efficiency. Our experience and professionalism enables us to renovate or refurbish almost any room in your flat, home or commercial building.

If you get bored of you old interior or if it was ‘destroyed’ by children or if you want to have stylish and modern interior in your home or office why not renovate or refurbish it?! We will transform your space to match your lifestyle, needs and budget. We will work with trained and experienced architects and designers together with you and your own chosen professionals, to ensure that each project is delivered on time, within budget, to your specifications and to a very high standard.

Renovation of your space enables you to make structural changes, replace defective items or even to add new areas to your existing space.

Refurbishment can bring new life to a space. In addition to the enjoyment that you will receive it can add value to your house at the same time. Our experienced team will be able to explain the possibilities for you (often some you may never have even thought possible!).

So make the renovation or refurbishment of your home or office with Insolum Projects a priority this year. We will help you to plan, design, manage and deliver on time from start to finish. Please do not hesitate and contact us, we will be pleased to help you every step of the way!