Insolum Projects offers handmade bespoke contemporary and classic kitchens designed to satisfy each client’s individual needs and requirements. All kitchens come with the option to specify the kitchen material (e.g. hardwood, birch plywood etc.). In addition the client can select (without limitations) the size, colour of the materials together with the make and models of all the installed equipment.

Insolum Project are experienced in designing and fitting (amongst others):

  • furniture;
  • shelves;
  • wall and base cabinets;
  • cooker surrounds;
  • counter tops;
  • cutlery trays; and
  • full height cabinets.

Also, we offer solid wood bar stools, bookcases, cupboards, fitted storage, kitchen islands, wine racks and side boards. The design process has been designed from a client friendly perspective and utilises visual information; catalogues; furniture samples; previous Insolum Projects designs and database of design photographs; material samples; colour ranges; colour combinability catalogues, designer drawings etc.

The kitchens and furniture is designed to your requirements and will be made by qualified, talented and confident designers, carpenters, hand painters and ‘finishes’ team, who are renowned for their professionalism, skill and taking great care and effort in every stage of the production process.

Insolum Projects offers its clients the very best in form, function and design kitchens at affordable prices that provide exceptional value for money. As with all bespoke design the exact prices will be dependent on the chosen materials, integrated accessories, fittings, colour and etc. We use high- quality materials that do not fail in production and in turn make carpenters and finishes work easier. High quality timber produces less waste so the product is stronger, last for lifetime, more durable and beautiful. Insolum Projects’ handmade bespoke kitchens are beautiful and worth the investment!

For more information please contact us via email: we will be happy to help and advice.