Insolum Projects can offer you ecological, cosy Log houses. Due to modern construction technologies constant level of temperature and humidity is supported in the log houses. Those are very economical, saving houses because this type of dwelling facilities is easy to take care of due to exceptional features of wood pores, it is never cold in them even during the strongest frosts. 20 cm thick walls do not need to be additionally jacketed for warmth-keeping. It is never hot in such house in summer, so additional conditioning systems become unnecessary which helps to save electric energy. Wood is processed with special fire resistant materials. To protect the house from humidity it should be impregnated with special substances, and in order to prevent the house from sinking a small gap is left over the windows and doors filled with springy insulation materials. It is recommended to paint such houses every 8 years. Low ambient temperature and low humidity on the initial stage of wood processing prevent fungi and other wreckers from growing. Unwoven linen fibber or synthetic rot-proof tissue is used between the logs, such house can breathe, it is always full of fresh air.

We build houses, log cabins, garages, summerhouses and saunas from the construction drawings provided to us by our customers, also our draftsman can work directly with you to make any modifications or changes to one of our existing designs, or work closely with you to formulate your own custom design. Our stuff team will collect your log house on casted foundation in your land. There loads roofing and interior design options.

If you want to live in ecological close to nature house do not hesitate and contact us we will be pleased to help you!!!