Insolum Projects offers unique, versatile and stylish panelled bespoke walk-in wardrobe system and sliding door wardrobes. We will work with you to create a perfect walk-in wardrobe for virtually any room (large or small) or space (e.g. in the loft or under the stairs) you require.

According to individual client’s requirements we can offer wardrobes with steel or aluminium profiles. Steel frame for doors can be narrow and wide, colour plain or wood imitation. Aluminium profiles are stronger and can be used for difficult projects especially when where is a need for wider and higher or cut angles door. Aluminium profile system can be painted any RAL colour.

The traditional wardrobe with sliding doors is from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. The wardrobe could be installed with one or two sides, with cornice or roof and bottom. Every wardrobe’s interior is custom made in accordance with your wishes and possibilities. You can choose a wardrobe from our range or we can design one in accordance your wishes e.g. with full length mirrors hangings for dresses, shirts and coats, place trouser hanging rails, make floating shelves, shoe racks, belt trays, make open shelves or deep storage, with a place for the hoover or even an ironing board.

There is a wide range of wardrobes door fills from oak door, chipboard and mirror, painted and lacquered safe glass, graved and decorated glasses, natural fibres, original wallpapers, textile photo- wallpapers and much more. Doors can divided with inserts and this enables connections with different materials on one door such as matte glass and eco leather, etc. Sliding wardrobe doors can be made up from 1 to 5 pieces and our designers can advise you on how to combine different finishes to create a distinctive look for your fitted wardrobes.

There is a large selection of available options with fitted wardrobes accessories from wooden or metal rails, shelving style from solid wood to glass and also there is option for LED (low-energy) lighting. Working together with designers we will guide you through the process of selecting, choosing and ultimately fitting bespoke wardrobes that meet your individual needs and wishes. For more information please email us: We will be happy to help.