Wooden windows are ideal for clients, who have a distinct style, value naturalness and want to create a cosy atmosphere. In addition architects and designers are increasingly advising clients to choose wood windows and doors, due to the wide palette of colours, shapes and sizes, long-lasting durability, ecological qualities and the variations available with the wide choices of timber.

High quality wood windows will warm and make your house beautiful and in addition to the atheistic appeal also provide improved thermal insulation compared to other materials. The thermal expansion of wood is the lowest among the materials used for the manufacture of the windows, this way wood offers unlimited design possibilities and the windows remain firm and stable. Wood is “breathing” so it helps to control the humidity balance indoors. As they do not accumulate electrostatic charge dust is not attract helping to keep a clean appearance for longer. Wood also prevents unattractive water condensation inside the sash.

Insolum Projects manufacturers are based in Europe and produce premium quality wooden, aluminium clad windows and doors and only use natural based materials for the treating of wood. We offer our windows in a wide range of colours in order to help match the sash tone to interior, exterior or the colour of furniture as we appreciate the importance of design and style throughout your property.

In addition transparent lacquers and coloured wood preservatives help to highlight the wood-grain texture. While we have traditionally provided and installed wooden windows that are manufactured from high quality Nordic pine, Meranti, mahogany, fir we can, on request, use other materials such as oak or larch (traditional) or Hemlock, Oregon, white Saraya (exotic), etc. Our manufacture process uses wood girders glued to three layers, which are extremely durable and resistant to deformation. They are glued from three separate blocks of radial cut boards, using a moisture- resistant glue. There are no branches. This kind of girder removes the possibilities of bending, warping, rotating or cracking. Three layer glued wood girder, that is used for wood windows and doors manufacture, ensures resistance to deformation and the outer layer of radial or semi-radial cut board protects the surface from cracking.

Insolum Projects manufacture was awarded with gold medal for its best warm wooden window profile Euro 110M in Europe at 2012. We are extremely proud that we can offer the best, premium quality, worm wooden, aluminium clad windows and doors at an affordable price that offers exceptional value for money.



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